Ferrari LaFerrari Review

We drive the Ferrari LaFerrari, the 950bhp twin-engined Maranello machine with a name so daft it makes the marketing crack-heads behind Nissan’s Pantry Boy Supreme seem almost sane
What’s this about two engines?

This is Ferrari’s first ever hybrid road car, so you get a 6.3-litre V12 good for 789bhp – and then you top it off with a 160bhp electric motor feeding directly into the rear axle. It’s like a Led Zep-Daft Punk mash up. To put those numbers in perspective, the Enzo made do with 651bhp, and this V12 alone is more powerful than the combined petrol-electric drivetrain in the Porsche 918. But at 1425kg, LaFerrari is over 200kg lighter than the German, and only two-wheel drive. Even McLaren’s P1 only musters 903bhp. Crazy.

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