2017 Jaguar XE Features & Pricing


Following its global unveiling at the LA Motor Show earlier this month, the 2017 Jaguar XE will be available in the US showrooms by Spring 2016. The XE fills the gap in the Jaguar sedan line-up left by the X-Type – the compact luxury sedan was a bestselling model for Jaguar but fell short in comparison with the Audi A4, BMW 3 and Mercedes C Class.


Can We Expect New Hilux in the Next Year?


The Toyota Hilux truck is perhaps the most anticipated car of the year. There have been many talks which confirmed the release of the car but there have been equally many disclaimers that said the Toyota has pulled out from producing their newest truck ride. The Hilux is one of the most popular trucks that has graced Toyota’s production lines. It has proven its quality time and time again and after its release in 1968 steadily started to gain on popularity and made a name for itself in the automotive circles.

Ferrari LaFerrari Review

We drive the Ferrari LaFerrari, the 950bhp twin-engined Maranello machine with a name so daft it makes the marketing crack-heads behind Nissan’s Pantry Boy Supreme seem almost sane
What’s this about two engines?

This is Ferrari’s first ever hybrid road car, so you get a 6.3-litre V12 good for 789bhp – and then you top it off with a 160bhp electric motor feeding directly into the rear axle. It’s like a Led Zep-Daft Punk mash up. To put those numbers in perspective, the Enzo made do with 651bhp, and this V12 alone is more powerful than the combined petrol-electric drivetrain in the Porsche 918. But at 1425kg, LaFerrari is over 200kg lighter than the German, and only two-wheel drive. Even McLaren’s P1 only musters 903bhp. Crazy.

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